Fort Lauderdale, FL (Jan 13, 2020) The Mallow Center® is pleased to announce that that its brand is now federally registered on the Principal Trademark Register of the United States of America, further protecting the proprietary nature and value of Dr. Gary Mallow’s very successful, physician-supervised, medical, weight loss solutions and services.

The success of Dr. Mallow’s weight loss and weight management services — not only for his patients in South Florida but also for his patients throughout the Country — results largely from an uncompromised patient-doctor relationship that starts before the loss of a single pound and/or months before weight loss surgery is scheduled. According to Dr. Mallow “this new trademark comes at the perfect time. With people making New Year’s resolutions, including the number one resolution to lose weight, they are searching for the ‘perfect diet’ or weight loss program. It is important to understand that medically supervised weight loss programs must be individually designed for each patient to include an integrated multi-system approach. People who hop on the Keto, Paleo or Whole30 bandwagon (and other fad/trend diets) can find themselves right back to the same weight challenges after they have lost weight. Most of those ‘diets’ are designed for short-term weight loss. Our goal is to provide a solution that leads to long-term results.”

About Dr. Gary Mallow and the Mallow Center:  .Dr. Mallow’s training is in Internal Medicine and includes studies at Duke University and the University of Buffalo, as well as a personal apprenticeship with Dr. Robert Atkins. This specialized background is the driving force behind The Mallow Center®’s overwhelmingly successful customized Medical Weight Loss programs, which uniquely provide both practical and holistic benefits to patients of all age ranges and all body types. Dr Mallow, is committed to providing the highest quality of patient care in the diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, prevention, nutrition counselling and education, patient follow up and support. With extensive experience in helping post surgical patients maintain weight, The Mallow Center® offers several medical weight loss programs and customized plans to help their patients lose weight quickly and safely.

The Mallow Center is located at 9633 W. Broward Blvd # 3 in Plantation, FL, 33324 To learn more about Dr. Gary Mallow and the Mallow Center®, visit or call 954.452.3535

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"Mallow Center Receives Trademark"

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