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The Mallow Center™ is not your typical doctor’s office. We love technology, but we don’t love automated, on-line appointment schedulers. Appointments cannot be booked online because we want to speak with you first. Please complete the “Contact Us/Get In Touch” Form at the bottom of this page, and we will get back to you  as soon as possible to set up an appointment.  If for some reason we don’t connect, you can always reach us directly at 954-452-3535 or email us at 

We’re Commited to You

  • The Mallow Center’s patients will not be sold third party supplements as they walk out the door.  They will not be required to undergo unnecessary lab tests and they won’t wait hours in a lobby separated from the back-office by frosted glass windows and warning signs.  From first contact, the relationship created is one of Respect, Purpose and Accomplishment.
  • Appointments cannot be booked online with The Mallow Center because we want to talk with you….not just have you “contact us.”
  • Insurance is not accepted at The Mallow Center (although you are free to seek reimbursement on your own) because all patients, regardless of title, income or employment status, are given the same amount of attention, time and personalized consultation and charges will never be negotiated or discounted based on an insurance company.
  • Wait times rarely exceeds 15 minutes.  Follow up Appointments usually last no more than 30 minutes from arrival to saying good-bye.
  • Last minute, check-ins and support visits are available.  
  • Family Primary Medical Care Services Also Provided.  Please click here to see other services provided.

The Mallow Center™ is appropriately licensed and regulated by the FDA and DEA to provide its patients with on-site, physician-supervised, medical weight-loss programs and solutions.

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