Meet Dr. Mallow

Dr. Mallow, Medical Director of the Mallow Center, has been working with weight loss patients since 1995.

Dr. Gary W. Mallow, MD

Dr. Gary Mallow, an Internist and part of the Memorial Healthcare System, is Medical Director of The Mallow Center.

Dr. Mallow’s training is in Internal Medicine and includes studies at Duke University and the University of Buffalo, as well as a personal apprenticeship with Dr. Robert Atkins. This specialized background is the driving force behind The Mallow Center’s overwhelmingly successful customized Medical Weight Loss programs, which uniquely provide both practical and holistic benefits to patients of all age ranges and all body types.

Dr. Mallow’s program is a combination of education, exercise and medication.  The goal of the program is to show patients that successful weight loss does not require dramatic lifestyle changes, but can be successfully accomplished with moderate lifestyle modification.

More from The Mallow Center™

Diet Pills and You

Dr. Mallow’s Medical Weight Loss programs include appetite suppressants, or diet pills, a healthy food program and moderate exercise.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

The Mallow Center™ provides medically supervised weight management programs.

Other Services

The office is available to treat both chronic and acute illnesses.

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