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The Mallow Center™ focuses on Personalized, Medically Supervised, Weight-Loss Management Solutions.  Whether you have regained weight after bariatric surgery, have 10 pounds to lose before bikini season, or are overwhelmed by the roller coaster ride of crash diet after crash diet after crash diet, The Mallow Center™ Empowers You to Help Yourself.  

Post Surgery Weight Gain?

Use the experience, tools and the wisdom of the Physicians and Professionals of The Mallow Center™ to Meet the Long-Term Challenges of Weight-Loss Management.

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The Mallow Center is pleased and proud to announce the success we and I have had with Semaglutide injections for weight loss. Our traditional approach of maintaining close contact with our patients, being available for questions and answers and explaining in depth the pros, cons and side effects of the medication has allowed us to have tremendous success. The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” can now truly be appreciated. The picture to the right is of your’s truly before and now on Semaglutide, the same medicine you will receive if you start your journey with us. Consultations are free. We hope you join us.

-Dr. Mallow

"Medical Weight Loss - The Mallow Center"

Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Mallow’s program is a combination of education, exercise and medication. The goal of the program is to show patients that successful weight loss does not require dramatic lifestyle changes, but can be successfully accomplished with moderate lifestyle modification.

Dr. Gary W. Mallow, MD

Dr. Gary Mallow has practiced in the South Florida community for over 40 years and proudly has 2 twin boys in their 3rd year of Medical School. Dr. Mallow enjoys boating on the weekends, meets every single one of his patients in his office personally, and has spent decades perfecting his renowned and proprietary Mallow Center Medical Weight Loss Program.

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Diet Pills and You

Dr. Mallow's approach to weight management has been achieved by the use of appetite suppressants, or diet pills, a healthy food program and moderate exercise.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

The Mallow Center® provides medically supervised weight management programs.

Other Services

The office is available to treat both chronic and acute illnesses.

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